Located in the Geyser Creek Group of the Gibbon Geyser Basin, Avalanche Geyser is the largest active geyser in the basin.


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  • The Location of Oblique Geyser
    Abstract: Oblique Geyser was located in the Gibbon Canyon, and was named in passing by A.C.Peale in 1878. Since that time, the location of that geyser has been lost. The name itself was then applied to another geyser in the Geyser Creek area, and the name fogotten. Finally, it was resurrected and is now being imposed on the wrong geyser. This report details how this came to happen.
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix A: Proposed article in response by Lee Whittlesey, NPS Yellowstone Archivist, and discussion
  • Appendix B: Comments by Roderick Hutchinson, NPS Yellowstone Geothermal Specialist (deceased), and discussion
  • Appendix C: Excerpts from U.S. Board of Geographic Names guidelines.