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Observations for 2020 May 22

There was at least an inch of snow that needed removal from the truck before I could drive over to the morning One Burst Grand eruption. But it wasn't cold, as the snow was melting, and the wind was much less than yesterday. But the weather was getting wet as we came back in.

Belgian Pool had recovered mostly, just slightly below the rim. I've seen that variation before.

Did a survey down basin later in the morning. There are new benches at Castle, Riverside and Fan & Mortar, replacing the old ones. Thirty at Riverside, so there will be much less excuse for people sitting on the bumper logs.

Fan & Mortar looked nice at the start of a cycle, with Bottom vent splashing away, and they all quickly died down as Angle started. I doubt there's been any eruption since last year.

Giant didn't look changed much, either. Didn't spend much time there, as the weather was starting to get wet. An extended observation period will have to wait for nicer weather. Oblong has thick black slime filling much of the runoff, so I doubt it has done anything in the last few months, either.

The mid-day One Burst Grand was during a period of snowing, and had a short interval, so we got to see the start from Castle. Waited through the West Triplet activity to catch the first Rift eruption of the season. Again, things seem unchanged there from last year, as Percolator and Sput D were also active until West Triplet ended as Rift started.

The weather cleared a few hours later, so went out to see the Three Sisters activity in person, instead of on the camera. Got confused by which was which, so initially reported Mugwump for what was actually Three Crater. (I think that pool of water has the highest concentration of less than obvious names.) Saw a couple of periods of intermittent splashes to about a foot. The first lasted a bit over 7 minutes, which the second was only four minutes long.

Then it was off to Grand, where we were treated to a 35 minute delay. It was too steamy to see the pool, but on the other hand, the steam was pouring off well below the rim of the crater. Finally, 20 seconds after a couple of boops, the One Burst eruption began. The steam direction was more up the hillside, so was able to catch the starts of Vent and Turban.

Bulger had been having frequent minors before Grand, and the webcam operators had mentioned it looked different. So after Grand, we stuck around for a while to catch one, with no success. The best we got was deep rumbling.