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Observations for 2020 May 26

Had decided to not come out for the pre-dawn Grand eruption, so it was a bit of a surprise to find it erupting shortly ater 08:00. That meant that most likely that there were two long intervals overnight. It also meant that I wouldn't be getting out until later.

Did go out after noon, and watched a series of similar Turban eruption intervals. Unlike previous days, there was no hint of any sort of delay. So it was nice to also be rewarded with a second burst, although the eruption was just under ten minutes long and Vent & Turban did quit.

Went on over to Geyser Hill again, to check on Beehive but not stay. It was having minor splashes, but nothing that looked imminent. Over by Aurum and watched and felt a episode of thumping by Doublet Pool. With few people on the boardwalks, it was easy to feel them. Then Aurum erupted just as I was getting ready to leave. Better behaved than in my previous attempt at seeing an eruption.

The day ended with a report of Beehive's Indicator starting. It was a long one, giving us plenty of time to get within view. And again, the area was far quieter than usual. Old Faithful had just erupted, so there were a few families wandering about