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Observations for 2020 May 28

A second day at Norris pretty much like the first. The activity was a bit stronger, especially from the South vent where there were numerous bursts to 10meters putting out lots of water. But until 1903, nothing much out of the North vent. Then there was the usual increase in activity just as we were leaving. This time there was a sustained minor with some North vent vertical. Then nothing much for 20 minutes.

The drive back was amusing. Between Madison Jct and Biscuit Basin, encounter a bison in the exact center of the road. Then beyond Midway were flashing lights and someone talking to a ranger. Around the curve were more flashing lights, and a semi-tractor trailer. Then just before Biscuit, just as the sun was about to set, were two bicyclists headed north. And it looks the the one lane restriction on the overpass at Old Faithful is about to start.