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Observations for 2020 May 31

Day started out warm and breezy. Arrived to see West Triplet and Percolator erupting, but no Rift to follow. The Grand eruption about two hours later did have a second burst, and was even so short that vent & Turban didn't quit. Belgian pool was lower when I left than when I arrived, which was interesting.

Later went over to Geyser Hill and caught Beehive eruption. By then the wind had gotten stronger, and of course, as we waited, it shifted toward our position over by Plume. As it turned out, we were right on the edge of the wet zone, and that little corner remainded dry.

Over at Grand Rift was erupting. Belgian was down even more and Slurp was making noisy, sloppering noises but not putting out any water. Bulger was having a series of minors. During the One Burst Grand eruption Rift quit, and Belgian had risen back close to its rim.

Made a quick trip out to Castle to catch an early evening eruption that I saw mostly by myself. It tried to stop once around the four minute mark, but otherwise contined a nice series of mostly major eruptions. (At least what I've seen.)

As the sun set the wind died down, so the wait for the next One Burst Grand wasn't unpleasant. But first we had to have Turban delay, which made sure that it was completely dark. With the quarter moon giving just enough light to see the eruption, that delay may have made the One Burst Eruption more interesting.