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GeyserLog 3.0

The new GeyserLog 3.0 has been completely rewritten and is now available. Last autumn I decided that my attempts to weld GeyserTimes to my older personal app just wasn’t working, and it was time to do it right. Did a little work between unsucessful Norris waits last fall, but real rewrite didn't start until the first of this year.

This new version more closely follows the capabilities of the GeyserTimes website, displaying the latest geyser eruption data as collected by the GeyserTimes.org database.

It now supports the entering of new activity and notes, as well as editing and deleting your existing entries. For predictable geysers, a panel showing the next prediction, and how long until that happens, is now available. When entering a new eruption, it is now possible to add various flags like “major” or even “webcam.”

There are a number of tabs available: “Favorites”, where the user can select which features to watch. “Recent”, the latest activity for each feature, with the most recent at the top. "Timeline", showing the latest reported activity. "Features", where showing every geyser and hot spring in the database. "Logbook", a way to see all of a feature's activity.

If a person is registered with GeyserTimes, and logs in, other features become available. "Stopwatch" allows registered users to enter eruptions or notes into the database. New entries can be added from any page. It's also possible to add and manage comments, flags and confirms. A new tab, "Submissions", is added, allowing the user to quickly go back and update earlier entries.

Many of the features of the older app have been removed, at least for this version. Letting me know what you’d like to see restored will help set priorities.

There's also a "GeyserLog-Today" widget, which will show the favorites, even when the device locked.

Dark Mode is also supported on iOS 13 and later, and a red tinted "Night Mode" is still available.

Once again, geyser gazers are welcome to contact me to get a Promo Code which will allow downloading of the app for free. I'm also open to suggestions for features users would like to see added, or finding out about bugs that need to be fixed.