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Observations for 2020 August 10

Found out during the night that there was no need to go to Norris. Woke up to find that Fan & Mortar had finally erupted. Out at Grand, waited 30 minutes for Turban to finally start. Grand's pool was low at the time, but quickly filled and we got a One Burst Eruption with an interval of less than six hours.

The next One Burst Grand eruption was also on a short interval. Arrived for the last minute of a West Triplet eruption, and Grand started less than 15 minutes later.

After that, spent mid-afternoon waiting on Geyser Hill, since Beehive has been having one day intervals this week. Turns out in quick succession, we got Lion and Beehive eruptions, and then, after about ten minutes, an Aurum eruption.

The final One Burst Grand eruption of the day was also a Turban Delay start. I didn't see the previous Turban eruption, but it had been over 25 minutes when Grand had its first boop. Over the next 80 seconds, there were several of them, some to 2 to 3 meters in height. Finally, one of the boop went from boiling to jetting, and the eruption started.

So I saw three Grand eruptions today, and didn't see any Turban intervals, but did see to Turban Delays.