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Observations for 2020 August 13

I figured getting out to Grand after a double interval of twelve hours would mean I'd get to wait a bit. Instead, I was at Belgian when the One Burst Grand eruption started.

From there it was a quick check to confirm that the Giant platform was completely dry and ignorable for now. Also wanted to look at Fan & Mortar, who had the start of a nice, normal cycle. No garbage mode that I could see.

Leaving there, I noticed that Grotto Fountain was bubbling. Didn't have to wait long before the pressure pool was suddenly full of water and almost to overflow. It was a ten minute long eruption before Grotto started, and it lasted over 21 minutes, ending suddenly. There was also activity from South Grotto Fountain before and after Grotto started.

The day started out breezy, and was extremely windy by the time for the next Grand wait. I had to wait almost half an hour to see my first Turban eruption, and it was six more Turban intervals before Grand finally erupted. The behavior was similar to yesterday's two long delays.

But we got a reward. Grand quit at around 7-1/2 minutes, then we got a short second burst start thanks to the wind. It looked like after about a minute that it would stop, but at that point the burst settled into nearly three minutes of Big Sawmill Mode. The followup West Triplet lasted only 26 minutes, but the restart was after that.

It was still windy in the evening, and cloudy so there wasn't any chance of a sunlit eruption even if it went early. As it was, arrived at what was probably near the start of a West Triplet eruption. As it erupted, Grand looked good much of that time. So once again we got an early delay.

Fortunately, it was only a two Turban interval delay until the One Burst Grand Eruption. Was enough light to see it. Would have been cooler and darker if it had waited.

It's amusing that it appears Grand has been bimodal the last few days, mostly erupting outside the NPS window on either side. Even this evening's eruption fits in, in that it tried to erupt early.