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Observations for 2020 August 15

Grand definitely seems to be in a mode where it is having four to six Turban delays if it doesn't erupt then. I didn't see the delay this morning, but all the Turban intervals and durations matched what I have seen after the other ones of the past few days.

This eruption itself had two bursts. The conditions were about a good as they get. It was late morning, so the sun was still backlighting the eruption as seen from the northern benches. There was no wind, and the sky was blue to the ridges. It was almost as perfect as 90% of the reported Fountain and Great Fountain eruptions are described to be.

Checked out the Fan & Mortar area. Nothing much exciting there, although there is no garbage mode, but definitely cycling. Noticed that the Link runoff culvert has a lot of dried and dying slime mats, implying that it's been a while since the last strong minor eruption.

The afternoon One Burst Grand fit the pattern. There was a 30 minute long delay Turban interval on which Grand erupted three minutes into the window.