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Observations for 2020 August 20

Woke up to an orange sky, and not needing to go to Norris. Seems that fires in California are having an effect here. Another example of how California has to inflict itself on the rest of the country.

Having a Beehive eruption before noon was a bit of a surprise. Was a nice eruption because it was dead calm. The winds picked up minutes after the end, and lasted all day.

I don't know if the mid-day Grand had a Delay, as the Turban activity didn't match what I would expect. West Triplet was erupting with everything erupting behind it when I arrived. It was five Turban eruptions later that Sput D had a small erupion, followed by the One Burst Grand eruption.

Later caught a Daisy eruption in the wind, a two hour interval. That was followed by watching Spa for about 45 minutes. It had multiple large bursts. Nothing high, but lots of wide, sustained activity.

The evening One Burst Grand didn't require much of a wait. Rift was erupting as I arrived, and was still erupting when I left. This time Grand did have the Turban Delay. About 2-1/2 minutes before the eruption booping started, with the pool full but calm. It wasn't until there was a big boop that the waves started and Grand then quickly followed. Because of the smoke and lighting, it was a gray eruption on a smoky background.