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Observations for 2020 August 31

A cold, wet day where the original plan was to head to Norris. Except based on the reports and instruments, there wasn't any reason to go and kill a day there. So instead it was spent mostly staying warmer and drier.

Did head out for a couple of Grand eruptions, The first One Burst Grand had an interval just under six hours, and there were only light sprinkles during the wait of a couple of Turban eruption intervals.

The evening Grand was dry, but conditions seemed worse. It looked and felt like October, with a cold wind and gray, low overcast clouds and everything steamy. But Grand cooperated, and gave us a nice second burst after a short 8-1/2 minute first burst. And once again, West Triplet came up to overflow, but did not erupt. Also I've noticed that Belgian Pool still has not fluctuated much in the last few days.

Made an attempt to see Great Fountain, as it was near the end of the NPS window. But when we arrived, it was not even in overflow, and it was going to get dark in about an hour. With the heavy overcast, no chance of any sort of sunset light show, so we left.