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Observations for 2020 September 07

The weather when arrived at Norris was clear and cold. Over the next few hours, the clouds started to appear. The sun made an appearance at around 09:00 and then the clouds made it disappear, so it stopped warming up. At around noon, it started to get noticeably cooler and a north wind started.

That shifted the steam so that it was now blowing down toward the bridge when it wasn't obscuring our view from the lower platform. By 14:00 the precipatation started, and quickly turned from sleet to snow. We left the platform at 16:20 by which time there was about an inch of slushy snow everywhere. New Crater/Steamboat had been quiet all day, and showed no signs of even trying to give us a decent minor. The drive home was the first in a while where there wasn't a notice of an eruption while we were driving home.

The drive back was loads'o fun. There was a continuous line of cars from the Madison Junction to Fountain Paint Pots. Only part of that was because of a bison heard at Nez Perce. There was a tree overhanging the road at the Firehole Picnic area, and a lone bison starting another blockage just north of Biscuit Basin.