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Observations for 2020 June 25

It was a dark and stormy day. Got to experience several rainstorms and a hailstorm. Because of that, didn't spend much time out and about. Did get to see couple of One Burst Grand eruptions. By evening, it was dry enough so no excuse not to head out to Grand again.

There, it was something other than of the usual one or two Turban eruptions, delay and then the One Burst Grand. Arrived to find Slurp in an eruption, without Crystal in overflow drowning it. The rest of the Sawmill Group didn't look like it was in a deep drain, so this was a little different from years past.

Got an eruption of West Triplet that didn't lead to a Rift eruption, but during that time had one of those short, vigorous Turban eruptions that act much like a delay. The following eruption was quick, with no overflow, so I was fairly confident that would get the Grand eruption next, shortly after the West Triplet eruption would be ending.

That didn't happen. Instead, got another pseudo-type delay, this time the interval was about 24 minutes. So it was wait two more Turban intervals. By this time the chances for a sunset lit eruption were over, with the sun behind a thick bank of clouds. Also by this time the wind died down completely, with what little movement there was seeming to make the steam follow me no matter where I moved.

I did finally manage to get down by the Vent sign where I could at least see Turban, when out of no where Grand had a 4 meter high burst starting the eruption. Despite the rain there, I did manage to get the start of other activity. The eruption was shrouded in its own fog most of the time. But it was a pleasant surprise when the activity quit at just over nine minutes, and we finally got a second burst instead of the usual short One Burst Grand. This time we could see the water column above the steam, and there was just enough lighting to see some detail.