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Observations for 2020 June 26

Thought I was going out for a twelve hour double interval at Grand, and it turned out instead I was showing up shortly after first overflow. That was because, following the previous evening's long interval there was another one overnight. Then we had a three Turban interval delay before the One Burst Grand eruption. The delay did insure that it was nice and warm and not steamy.

Was thinking of then heading to Artemisia, but seeing the steam cloud over the ridge just before Grand started meant there was no longer a reason to do that. But a notification that Beehive's Indicator had started was welcome. Considering that right now Beehive's intervals range from one to four days, any opportunity to see it up close will be taken. This was right after an Old Faithful eruption, so there were quite a few people there despite no one there to encourage them to stick around.

Then checked out Aurum, which it turns out had erupted during Grand's eruption, but we did get soaked by an eruption of Lion right after Beehive.

Later that afternoon, got a radio call from Lynn Stephens announcing a window for an Atomizer major eruption. Since I rarely see that geyser, and there was nothing much else to do, it was a good time to head down there. Since it was warm and Artemisia had already erupted, it was not obscured by steam.

Daisy has been having intervals under two hours, so worth checking to see if there are any other changes in the area. Was able to predict a double interval and be there for an eruption that lasted only 3m13s, which seems even shorter than previous years. Before the Daisy eruption, Splendid did nothing other than a blip over the Side Boiler just as Daisy started. Afterwards, in Splendid the Side Boiler and the Main Vent alternated having heavy boils, some almost a meter high. That seems stronger than prior years. I left after about ten minutes and they were still active.

In the afternoon Grand had another two Turban interval delay before the One Burst Grand eruption. There was a short, 19minute long West Triplet eruption at about the time of the delay. The only other thing of note was that when I arrived, Slurp was again in eruption. No overflow from it or from Crystal, but quite noisy and splashy.

Finally, just to show how dull and boring the Upper Basin has become, I went to Great Fountain for a late evening eruption. Before sunset, so the better view in the warm air was from the benches. It was a long pause, nearly nine minutes, but the first burst had some really nice tall plumes and some nice explosions at the start.