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Observations for 2020 June 28

Yesterday just south of the entrance to the Firehole Canyon Drive I encountered two rabbits that were feeling suicidal. At least they ran out from nowhere right in front of my vehicle. I don't think I hit either one. This morning on the way to Norris there was another one at the same location, and I definitely heard a thump this time. The strange thing is that I can't remember ever seeing rabbits anywhere in the Park.

And it's a pretty miserable day when the highlight is kiling a rabbit before dawn. But other than a strong minor a few hours after we arrived, New Crater/ Steamboat looked a bit better than yesterday, but not my much. The rain started around noon, and lasted until we left around 19:00. The platforms were full by noon, but not crowded. It was pretty calm there because many of the gazers who need to socialize (sometimes at high volume) have decided to stay home this year. The most crowded place was at the bridge over the runoff channel, where the line of people and chairs along the railing(s) forced vistors to run a gauntlet to get through.

Because of the weather and lateness of our return, I didn't get a chance to confirm the report of an Oblong eruption today.