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Observations for 2020 June 27

It wasn't really necessary, as all the indications were that it was too soon, but went up to Norris anyhow. The first few hours of activity by New Crater/Steamboat were so poor that we were considering leaving around noon. But as the day progressed, the activity did improve enough to suck us in until early evening. By then it was obvious that the progression had stopped, and no reason to stick around.

Did see an eruption of Vixen. One that lasted, and lasted and lasted... I gave up after 25 minutes, and it turns out the duration was closer to 45. This after having been fairly regular with about 1/2 hour intervals and durations from 10 to 15 minutes.

Arrived back in the Upper Basin to discover that Grand was having an interval well over 7h20m. So went on out, expecting to see the start while still on the bike. Instead got out there for a full Turban eruption interval.

The pool was nice and full and having waves the next time Turban started. Instead of the expected "vigorous" Turban, it actually had no bursts for several seconds before restarting. It took Grand about 75 seconds to finally start.

Grand also rewarded those who had waited all that time. The first burst lasted 9m19s, which is right on the edge of having one or two bursts. It was easy to see that the pool had water and wasn't draining, so like the other evening, we got another second burst after a long wait.