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Observations for 2020 July 01

The first Grand eruption of the day was distinguished by being a short One Burst Eruption that had a long period of the pool pulsating before draining. From there it made sense to go to Geyser Hill, as it had been nearly three days since the last Beehive eruption, and was in the latter half of the Aurum interval.

Aurum seemed not a vigorous as at other times, but still looked promising. So was in the wrong location when Beehive suddenly began. Because of the strong, shifting wind, over by Sponge we got soaked several times. Shortly after than we got the Aurum eruption with an interval just under five hours, so a bit longer.

The next wait at Grand was long, for no apparent reason. No delay, no West Triplet, not even heavy overflows. Just a couple of hours of weak Turban eruptions until it was well out of the NPS prediction window and the crowd started to disperse. But once again, Grand did reward us with with a seconds burst, and despite the wind, the sunlight made for a nice view.

It's interesting in how some observers are intent on recording every spit of every little feature and sput of a group, then fail to report the most interesting activity. A case in point is how some are reporting all the little sputs around Daisy, yet then fail to note the duration of the Daisy eruption itself. That's a number that changes over the years, and seems to be related to the activity (or lack of activity) of Splendid. Back when Splendid was active, the durations were about 30 seconds longer, and if the current value were to start showing a change back to that, it would be good to know. Besides, it's not that hard to calculate.