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Observations for 2020 July 02

Started the day out by waiting for Daisy to erupt. Splendid was quiet when I arrived, but it was pushing water out into the orange northeast lobe. As Daisy activity increased, the water in Splendid dropped so that the water was no longer going into that orange area. Then, about a minute before Daisy, Splendid's Main Vent started to boil up to about 1/2 meter. This is the first time I've seen such activity in a long time. It quit as Daisy started, which was expected.

The Daisy eruption as again short, this time 3m17s. But a few minutes after the end, Splendid started having boils from both the Main Vent and the Side Boiler. This activity continued for about 20 minutes, and I left a few minutes later. I stopped by about an hour after Daisy, and did notice a small boil from the Main Vent. So there's definitely a small pickup in the activity from Splendid. Will have to see if there's any progression over the next few months.

At Grand, West Triplet was erupting as I arrived. After it ended there was a series of indistinguished Turban eruptions, which lead to a delay. Finally, three more Turban intervals later, Grand had its One Burst Eruption. West Triplet started almost immediately. I expected this eruption to trigger Rift, but was disappointed.

When I came out for the next Grand eruption, I was surprised to see Percolator and Sput D erupting with West Triplet completely drained and dry, and Rift quiet too. About ten minutes later West Triplet started from deep down in the vent. This eruption finally resulted in an eruption of Rift. It was right after the end of West Triplet when Grand erupted. This time we got a second burst with low sunlight and clear skies behind the water column.