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Observations for 2020 July 05

Heading out to Grand when I noticed that Crystal Spring was in overflow and Belgian was full. I've yet to see any pattern in their levels.

There were never really any good waves. But suddenly Grand had a couple of small boops, about 1/2 meter high. Almost immediately, the pool began to drop. It was four minutes before Turban started erupting, and by that time, the interval was well over 25 minutes for a Delay.

The duration of the Turban eruption wasn't out of the ordinary, lasting a bit over five minutes, so at least a delay of two Turban intervals was expected. It was a surprise then to see a full Grand Pool and waves at the fifteen minute mark. There wasn't any overflow that I could see. A minute later, with overflow just starting to be vislble due to its steam, Turban started almost explosively. It took Grand only about 30 seconds to join in.

Eight and a half minutes in, it looked like Grand had paused, only to restart and go into a Bit Sawmill mode for another minute. Vent and Turban, at least, didn't quit.

There was another West Triplet eruption after Grand, this one only lasting 6 minutes. Belgian and Crystal had dropped a bit, the latter below overflow, and Slurp was noisily erupting at depth.

It appears that Aurum may be shifting into summer mode. Spent a little time around it well after the six hour mark. I did get to see the pool just north of Doublet erupt. When I arrived, it was withing the lower rim, but splashing a few centimeters high. The wash zone around it was dry. At 16:34, I saw it erupting to about 1 meter, and the wash zone was filled. That was the end of the eruption. I don't know the name or number, or anything else about what it does.

Saw Turban erupting as I tied down my bike. 35 minutes later I saw the next Turban eruption. For about ten minutes, it looked good, but there were never any waves. Fortunately, the next Turban eruption had no overflow, and Grand erupted on the second Turban fill. This was another two burst eruption, with excellent lighting. West Triplet started during the second burst.

It appears the way to keep Rift from erupting is to want to video record the start of an eruption. I've now seen a number of complete West Triplet eruptions, and never has Rift shown any inclination to start. Percolator and Sput D tend to start about ten minutes into West Triplet's eruption, then they quit shortly after West Triplet ends. One variation was today's later eruption where Sput D stopped for about five minutes.

It being full moon, went out for a few eruptions with that in mind. Unfortunately, Castle erupted before moonrise, and the One Burst Grand didn't seem to have the same moonbows of the night before. Did finally get the Rift start. It didn't seem to matter as Grand erupted about 15 minutes later, but wasn't able to record it.