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Observations for 2020 July 06

Out at dawn to sit in the fog. Grand erupted on the Delay, and even had a second burst. The wind picked up enough to push the fog away once the eruption started.

A few hours later was headed out to Castle and then Grand when got the call that Beehive's Indicator was erupting. So instead went over to Geyser Hill to catch Beehive up close. Considering the one to three day intervals and the number of no-Indicator eruptions, have seen a few from Geyser Hill. This one drenched the walkway well beyond Anemone.

Castle was erupting as we finally got down that way, and the One Burst Grand interval was less than six hours despite a Delay.

From there it was time for Daisy, and arrive about two minutes before the eruption. I didn't see anything from Splendid during that brief time. The Daisy duration was longer, 3-1/2 minutes this time.

From there caught an Atomizer major eruption, then returned to Daisy again. This time was around long enough to confirm that Splendid was doing nothing prior to Daisy's eruption. Worse, the duration of the eruption was just over three minutes.

While waiting for Daisy, a coyote wandered past between Splendid and the trees, heading south. After Daisy's eruption, we just got on the main bike trail when several coyotes off to the southwest started yipping and barking. Usually hear them from that area in the evening or dark, not in the middle of the day.

Caught the fourth Grand eruption of the day, and this time not only did it not have a Delay (I was there fairly early and saw several intervals), but there was a second burst. It was a short eruption, a bit over ten minutes long, but Grand made only a feeble attempt to refill, then Vent and Turban quit.