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Observations for 2020 August 04

It was mostly a Grand day. It started with a moonlight One Burst Eruption just after midnight. There was a hint of moonbows in the steam, which obscured the start.

The morning One Burst Grand eruption could've been a bit better. The sun was just starting to illumintate the tops of the jets. With a duration of just over 9 minutes, a second burst would have looke quite nice.

Later, just before noon, I walked up on the start of Rift. The water had yet to reach the boardwalk. After another One Burst Grand eruption, Rift was still active. Grand erupted on a Turban Delay, with some booping around four minutes before the actual start. The start itself was slow, with building boiling before a nice bubble start.

I did get to see an eruption of Bulger's Hole. Bulger had been having its frequent minors, and I caught one just after the Grand Eruption. Ten minutes later, it had a major eruption. Four minutes into that, the Hold erupted to 2 to 3 meters for about 30 seconds, then quickly draining.

Also saw the start of Grotto Fountain. The top of the water column was easily over the tops of the trees in front of it for well over a minute.

Checked out Oblong, but no more eruptions since the one in the dark. The runoff channel from Solstice looked even drier, at least at a distance, which re-inforced the idea that it had quit shortly before my observation the other day.

The final Grand of the day occurred before sunset. There was a delay this time, too. The standard delay where the following Turban eruption is short, with no preceding runoff. This time there was finally a second burst. What made that a little more interesting was the the pause was long, over a minute, and there were several large boop-like boils before the burst actually started.