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Observations for 2020 August 05

West Triplet was in eruption as we arrived at the Grand Group. It lasted only about five more minutes. Then it was an hour and a half of short Turban eruptions and intervals. That ended with what seemed like, at first, just another Turban eruption. But this one built in strength, and with the moonlight, it appeared that the steam over Grand was getting stronger.

Finally, after 2m12s, Grand began erupting. The first burst was short, followed by a short second burst. The breeze made it easy to see the entire water column in the moonlight. With a duration of less than ten minutes, we knew that the odds of a third burst were poor, but possible. What we didn't expect was for Vent & Turban to quit.

Up for the next Grand eruption with the sun well above the trees, and it already starting to get warm. This One Burst Eruption at least lasted just over ten minutes. At around 8-1/2 minutes, Grand went into full Big Sawmill mode. At one point, around the nine minutes mark, there were distinct bursts maybe four meters high for a period of about ten seconds. But it could never find a way to quit. The activity picked up a little before it all quit.

It had been well over 20 hours since the last time Artemisia erupted. So went on down there since there wasn't much else to do. After about two hour wait, finally got the thumps signalling the start. Pretty standard eruption, although the steam plume never overwhelmed the observation deck like the last time.

Looks like Beehive has found the ability to erupt daily again. Got the Indicator call, went over to Geyser Hill to see it, and made the mistake of not staying put but instead trying to run through the rain. At least a nice warm day, and dried out while waiting for Grand next.

Saw a big burst out of Depression as I was tying up my bike at Castle. Over at Grand, only had to wait one Turban interval for the One Burst Eruption. Afterwards, watched Slurp erupting and actually putting out a trickle of water. A major eruption.

For the sunset One Burst Grand Eruption, the sun disappeared behind a thin bank of clouds just as the waves on the pool started getting big.