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Observations for 2020 August 07

Spent about an hour and a half at Norris to confirm that it was way too early for a Steamboat/New Crater eruption. The activity was even quieter than when we arrived for the previous eruption. Based on this, we figured there was at least six to eight hours before the chance for an eruption, and left.

Got back just in time to head out to Grand. The interesting things about the morning One Burst Grand eruption was the way Vent and Turban died down to almost nothing, then came roaring back. Stuck around for the possibility of afterbursts, but the afterplay didn't start for over ten minutes.

Mid-afternoon Beehive eruption had a slow start, with about ten seconds of large surges to about 5-7 meters before actually starting. But despite the wind, it was a nice tall eruption.

The afternoon had another One Burst Grand Eruption. This time Cent & Turban did quit, and it took nearly 24 minutes for them to restart. Once again there was a short, 6 minute West Triplet eruption after Grand quit.