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Observations for 2020 August 06

Was probably the last opportunity for a moon-lit Grand eruption, so went out even though the high clouds scattered the light so that there weren't sharp shadows. Unlike most nighttime eruptions, the breeze for the One Burst Eruption was not to the north, so the eruption was nicely visible from the wooden benches area.

With the parking lot scheduled to be gone next year, a trip out to Imperial was fairly high on the list of things to do this year.

We got a later start than intended, and the lot was well over half full by the time we arrived around 09:00. There were considerable number of people going beyond the overloop not just to Fairy Falls, but to Imperial. The whole hour we were there, there was at least another group present.

Imperial erupted continuously whiile we were there. Some of the bursts were huge. From where we were at the last trees before the mudpots, some of the water was visible well above the ridgeline. If my math is correct, these bursts were around 12.5m (45ft) high.

Also watched Spray coming and going. Didn't get intervals, but did see it slow down each time, stop for perhaps 15 seconds, the slowly restart.

Arrived back to the Upper Basin just as the Grand eruption window was opening. Went out and there was already no room on any of the benches, except one wooden one at the very north. Once Vent started, I made my way down toward Rift, as the spray from the wind, while not reaching the boardwalk, was obscuring the water column. Did get a second burst, a nice tall one. And Vent & Turban didn't quit afterward.

Not much to say about the evening One Burst Grand Eruption. Rift was erupting as I arrived. It appears there was a Turban Delay in progress then, based on the next Turban eruption being without overflow and having both short interval and duration. The delay was for three Turban intervals, and Rift quit during Grand's eruption.