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Observations for 2020 August 17

Went out for the dawn Grand eruption when it just became light enough to not need a light to take notes. I didn't see a Turban delay, but then next four Turban intervals looked like there had been one, with some eruptions with no overflow, and short intervals between Turban eruptions.

When Grand did start, it was nicely lit by the sunlight well above the ridge. And we got a second burst, which made it even better.

The other day I noticed that the old stairway up from the Sawmill Group Bridge is being covered by formations deposited by South Scalloped.

I arrived back at Grand just in time to see Rift starting, and West Triplet ending. This was the folllowed by a 36 minute Turban interval for another Delay. Rift proceeded to erupt for almost exactly two hours, ending near the start of the four Turban interval delayed One Burst Grand eruption. This one had a short Vent & Turban pause. Belgian Pool also was full at the start of Rift, and full after Grand ended.

In the evening we got another Turban delay. It would have been a nice Grand eruption, with the sun low on the horizon. But had to wait two more Turban intervals for a One Burst Grand eruption right after the sun finally disappeared.