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Observations for 2020 August 18

It was exactly twelve hours since the last Grand eruption, and I had just passed Crested Pool when the One Burst Grand eruption started. Must've gone on the Turban delay.

Afterwards, noticed that it was getting close to the time for Daisy. Kept looking back as walked to get the bike, but no eruption. Had just left the bikerack when l heard the radio call.

Did get up there for the next eruption, which had an interval of less than two hours, but a duration of 3m11s, which is really short as I remember.

The next wait for Grand didn't have an official Turban Delay, but it acted like one. The first interval seen was about 24 minutes long, and then Grand proceeded to have Turban intervals with all the usual delay characteristics-- short Turban duration, short intervals, and little to no overflow from Grand. This time, though, Turban started the eruption, and there was a nice second burst. It was a long pause, so the crowd had plenty of time to get out of position for their selfie-photos of the second burst.

West Triplet started at the same time as the Turban eruption prior to Grand's eruption, and continued on even after Grand was finished. This meant the duration was up to 1/2 hour, and as expected, Rift started shortly after. West Triplet was still going when I left, for a duration in excess of 45 minutes.

Got the call for Beehive's Indicator, and despite the wind knocking it down, it was a nice long one, nearly five minutes. The crowd was small, despite the Naturalist telling people about it. Seems most people were more interested in getting over to Old Faithful, which erupted shortly after Beehive.