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Observations for 2020 September 03

With the weather still nice, went out for another moonlit Grand eruption. This time we got a Turban Delay, but Grand managed to erupt anyhow, and gave us a second burst.

It was still pretty cool out when started waiting for the next One Burst Grand eruption. Castle started as we walked up toward Crested. Waited for an eruption that never looked like it was going to be a minor eruption.

After Grand and Castle, decided that wasting time at Fan & Mortar was the thing to do. In two hours (a full Daisy interval) nothing much happened, which is not surprising since the previous eruption was only a few days ago.

Beehive had it's regularly scheduled afternoon eruption, and after that I saw a Bulger major eruption that had a brief moment of water visible in the Hole. The last 90 seconds or so of that eruption had Bulger stopping briefly, even starting to drain, only to start back up. The Grand eruption was after a two Turban Interval delay, and did give us a nice second burst.

It seemed like a good idea, to go out at sunset and catch one of, and maybe both, of Fountain and Great Fountain. Arrived to the Lower Basin and just as we turned into Firehole Lake Drive, heard a call announcing the start of overflow. Pulled up and sure enough, there it was. That gave us a timeframe for visiting Fountain. Over there, nothing happend during the time we had, so we returned to Great Fountain to catch it, and maybe, if lucky, return for the end of Fountain.

Arrived to find a vent that was barely in overflow. Turns out right after we left, there had been some sort of major drop, and the overflow had only just restarted. So waited, and watched for Fountain. Which also took its time. Well after sunset before it erupted, and still no Great Fountain heavy boiling. Fountain finished and we were still waiting. It was almost completely dark before we finally got "the big boil", and then had to wait almost eight minutes for bursting to start. Fortunately, the crowd there was well behaved, and no one had the genius idea of illuminating it, so we got to see the bursting silhouetted by the last light.

On the drive back, past Hot Lake, the car in front of us suddenly stopped. Odd, but then we saw why-- there was a badger crossing the road and headed toward Narcissus.

By then it was almost time to go to Grand. It seems that it had a Turban delay as we arrived, and we finally got the One Burst Eruption four Turban intervals later. On the second Turban eruption, we even got a long, heavy overflow, but not enough to be a Delay in its own right.

Finally decided since Grand was so late that we'd not try for the next one before dawn, but wait for Castle. After over half an hour, it finally started. Then quit for a short minor eruption just about the time we got into position to enjoy the moonlight on the water column.