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Observations for 2020 September 02

Update: Added photo.

With a bright full moon and no need to go to Norris, it was time to see Grand in the dark instead of just hearing in. Came out and waited just two Turban intervals for a nice One Burst Grand eruption,

While waiting for the next eruption, I noticed muddy footprints on the wet boardwalk. Between the rows of benches on the north side were a faint line of paw prints, about 8 to 10 cm across. There was a second set on the main walkway area. They both appeared at the north end, crossed over the runoff channel, and disappeared at the sign location.

It was supposed to be a windy day, and already there was a strong, cool breeze moving the steam around during the One Burst Grand eruption. In the afternoon we did have to endure a four interval Turban delay for what was pretty much a repeat.

The final Grand of the day was again in the dark. There was a small crowd gathered, including people who had just seen Castle have one of its pause-type major eruptions. Many of those drifted away during the several Turban eruptions we had to wait for. But the conditions were fairly warm, for September night, despite the steady wind. Grand finally rewarded us with the fourth One Burst Eruption of the day.

Of interest is that West Triplet still hasn't erupted in over a week, and each eruption of Grand was followed by a strong overflow from it. And, as noted before, the fluctuations in Belgian seem to have stopped. There is even some runoff coming down from Crystal at times.