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GeyserLog iPhone

I've added a new feature to these pages: an iPhone version of the Geyserlog eruption summary. (It also works on an iPod Touch and on Apple's Safari browser.) It's a simple page that shows the last eruption time for several selected geysers. During this summer, with a little help, it's my intention to get enough information to add a few more geysers to the list, and to keep it as current as possible.

Touching an entry line brings up a second page with a list of the most recent eruptions for that geyser, as well as some simple statistics on its most recent eruptions. Touching one of those lines brings up a page with any details on that particular eruption. That's it. Just three different views. (At least for now.)

I don't know if this will work, or how well it would work, on other devices. I do know that the page can be displayed on an iPhone out at Grand and Daisy. Help in adding timely eruption information would be welcome, and I can even set people up with access to a page that would allow direct entry into the Geyserlog database from an iPhone.

Why shout the eruption time into a radio that may or may not be heard at the Visitor Center when you can just as quickly post that information world-wide?