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Observations for 30 August 2013

Arrived at sunset, at about eight hours after the previous Grand eruption. Only took 20 minutes to get checked in and get ready to head out. So right as I leave the cabin and I ride my bike in front of the Lodge, I see in the semi-darkness a steam cloud down basin, to the right of Old Faithful. I think to myself that this is perfect timing. Then again, it didn't look like it was beyond the trees, so maybe it was Lion. But as I continued on, I realized I could hear the eruption, and that meant it had to be Beehive. So I was only in the Upper Basin and for a few minutes, and already saw more eruptions of Beehive than in the two weeks of the previous trip. Things might be starting out pretty good.

Out at Grand, things were more normal. After a series of undistinguished Turban intervals, Grand finally had a one burst eruption with an interval well over 9-1/2 hours.