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Server Update

I've updated the Geysers.Org server, both hardware and software.

The old server was a MacMini from 2007 that had a PowerPC processor. The weblog software was Moveable Type, a system that hadn't been updated since then, either. The last support for it I could find was in 2015. It was getting to the point that I was afraid that I would lose everything if the hardware died, and I couldn't make minor changes to the software because I could no longer find any documentation.

The new one is the latest MacMini, so I probably won't need to do more updates for a while. Using WordPress, which is still being supported, so I can actually make little improvements without breaking stuff.

The old permalinks may be a little flakey, but at a minimum the text and images on them should be available. Links from them are not guaranteed to end up in the right place, so don't rely on them.

If you find other problems, let me know, as it might be easily fixable, or I can find a workaround. Or let you know that it's gone.