Observations for 2021 May 14

Got out to the Grand Group and the walkway was dry enough to not be slippery. Belgian Pool was down 2-3cm, which is a lot for it. During the wait, Rift was steaming heavily at times, and West Triplet showed no signs of wanting to fill and erupt. So I assume that there was a Rift eruption overnight.

We waited for a couple of Turban eruption intervals, then got a Delay. There were decent waves, but no boops or any indications that we'd have to wait long. The next Turban eruption didn't have any Grand overflow, and one Turban eruption intervals later, we got our One Burst Grand Eruption. The only remarkable thing about this eruption was that it is the first Turban initiated I've seen this trip.

A trip downbasin to Fan & Mortar got us an Event Cycle in progress. Unfortunately, it seems to have been one of those where Bottom Vent just won't stop until suddenly the activity shifts to Fan, and isn't all that interesting.

Beehive erupted last night, but it was still surprising to have the Indicator only fifteen hours later. No one saw the start, but it appears it was a short Indicator, about four minutes long. I heard the start as I was dropping down to the Geyser Hill bridge. And with the wind, I couldn't get much closer than Sulphide Spring.

Went out to Grand for the mid-afternoon activity. Had just missed the start of Castle having a major eruption, but was there in time to see the shift to steam. At Grand, we probably walked up on a Turban Eruption Delay, as the pool was full for quite a while, but never looked great. As with this morning's eruption, the next Turban interval was short and there wasn't any runoff from Grand. So no surprise that we got the One Burst Grand on the next. As in the morning, the activity started with Turban. The wind was mostly calm, tending slightly towards West Triplet and Belgian. At one point we couldn't see the activity from the steam from the runoff in front of us.

Another visit to Fan & Mortar for what appeared to be a weak cycle or even garbage mode. The Fan vents sure can look good for about a minute after they start.