Observations for 2021 May 06

Went out to Grand only to discover that the webcam observers had it wrong, and it wasn't even in overflow. So took the time to go down basin to check on Fan & Mortar. But first we had to wait for a bison to clear the bike path, and the more we tried to keep our distance, the closer it wanted to approach. Finally it went behind some trees and we could escape.

No change at Fan & Mortar, so caught the start of Riverside, and just missed Daisy. Over at Grand it was now late enough that it could possibly erupt. So Beehive's Indicator started about then. I decided to stay put. As it turned out, it was possible to get to Beehive in time. At the same time, Turban had a Delay overflow. The pool was full at 20 minutes, and stayed that way. Right after Beehive ended, it became apparent that it was going to erupt.

But first it had a couple of boops before Grand started. The eruption lasted just over 9 minutes, and through the steam, for a bit of time we thought we could see water sloshing over the vent. But it ended up being just another One Burst Eruption.

With nice weather and some free time, and little to no traffic, a quick run to Fountain Paint Pots was in order. The area around Fountain looked too dry to have erupted recently, but there were still large puddles out there. Spent a whole 45 minutes there, and no Jet eruptions during that time.

Stopped at Flood on the way back, as I'd like to get video of it, and my attempts keep failing. It started as we walked over to the overlook, and in my fumbling, I failed to get the camera properly started in time. We'd seen a number of eruptions on the drive back from Norris last week, so maybe the intervals have shortened.

The evening Grand eruption was nothing special. Saw Turban erupting from the bike racks at Castle. Waited for a short Turban interval and got to see a short One Burst Grand eruption. The only interesting things were how Grand slowed down so much around the 8-1/2 minute mark that we thought it was quitting, At the end, I thought Vent & Turban had quit, despite the One Burst Eruption only lasting only 9m37s. But the activity quickly picked back up.