Observations for 2021 May 07

Saw an Aurum from over by Castle as heading down to check on Fan & Mortar. No eruption overnight, and during the short time we waited, the cycle looked dull and uneventful.

At Grand saw West Triplet erupting while tying up the bikes. It was a while after we arrived before Turban erupted, and it had all the characteristics of a Delay. The next eruption was after a short interval with no overflow, so I classified it as such. From then we got a couple more normal eruptions before the One Burst Grand eruption.

Later in the afternoon, based on the earlier observation, decided that we should wait for Aurum. The wind was getting pretty strong, so we waited at the bench at Doublet Pool. While there, about five minutes after a thumping episode, suddenly there were wet, boiling, sputtering sounds coming from somewhere down Doublet's runoff channel. This continued for about a minute, then slowly died down. I could not figure out where the sound was coming from. After more thumps, I waited a bit for a repeat, but nothing happened.

After Aurum, whent over to Beehive, where the interval was already over 24 hours. It did a few desultory splashes, but did not look eminent. The wind finally drove us away. As we left, I noticed that the sputtering in Plume's closest vent seemed stronger, with droplets as much as 30cm above the rim at times.

I would have seen the next One Burst Grand if I had remembered to bring my notebook before heading out. There was a long delay, and I thought I'd try to get a start from a distance, but somehow ended up in "slo-mo" mode and the video was useless.

So walking back past South Scalloped, it was a surprise to suddenly see Beehive's climbing water column. There was no Indicator at the start, but it did join in briefly during the eruption. With the wind, the distant view was nice, with the entire water column creating a rainbow, yellow at the top, violet at the bottom.