Observations for 2021 May 10

When I looked at GeyserTimes in the morning, I saw that Jim Schrierer had just seen the third Turban eruption after a Delay. I decided that I didn't have the time to get out there. I was wrong, as it finally went at the end of the sixth interval, and there was even a second burst.

Also on GeyserTimes was a webcam operator report of Fan & Mortar possibly erupting. So we went on down there, to discover what had happened there. But first we had to get past about six bison grazing just south of Castle, on both sides of the bike trail. Finally the all moved to the side, and we could pass by. There was one, probably a year old, that kept eyeing me as I tried to pass. The rest ignored us.

Finally getting down there, we discovered that indeed Fan & Mortar had erupted overnight. The catch basins around Upper Mortar had water in them, and the boardwalk from Spiteful on north was still wet, despite being in the sun. The walkway south of there was dry.

At that point, got interrupted by a report of Beehive's Indicator, but I choose to not run down and see it. Instead, spent some time taking videos in the area, and caught the start of Grotto and an eruption of Daisy.

The activity of Fan & Mortar at that point was interesting. Bottom Vent had an eruption, and there was some splashing seen in Main Vent. When they started, Fan's vents were strong, and Bottom quit. It did look like a strong cycle, one that usually doesn't result in an eruption.

Caught the next Daisy eruption in the wind, and it did last 3-1/2 minutes. Splendid didn't look well at all before or after.

In the afternoon, caught the One Burst Grand Eruption. Started with a huge, sudden burst. No boiling or booping this time. The eruption lasted just under ten minutes, and about a minute after that, Vent started blasting and Turban became strong. Then they all quit.

Went over to Castle, as it had been almost 15 hours since the middle of the night eruption. It took its time, then erupted for just over four minutes. Starting at the two minute mark, we started getting increasingly longer pauses, until finally it just didn't even try to come back from the pause.

Because the wind died down and the snow wasn't too heavy, decided to go out for the sunset Grand. Or at least the gloomy twilight Grand. Instead the One Burst Eruption started as I was passing Crested Pool. Slowly made my way over to see the end of the eruption, and didn't slip and fall at Rift. (Although at one point I stopped moving, and could feel my feet starting to slide.)

It was late in Grand's eruption when Castle started, the eruption after the minor eruption we'd seen earlier. This eruption also had a number of short pauses as we walked back that way from Grand, and I was wondering about another pair of minor eruptions, but it finally settled into continuous activity and the steam phase.