Observations for 2021 May 11

Got up early this time, despite the snow on the walkways and still coming down. Walked out and managed to make it past the Rift walkway. Ended up waiting a couple of Turban eruption intervals, and then heard a boop just before Grand started. The weather cooperated, and we could see all the geysers. The activity ended after 8-1/2 minutes, and we got a second burst instead of One Burst.

Back in the cabin, we waited for a Beehive Indicator call, then headed over there when it came. Again, the weather cooperated, and we got a nice wind-free eruption. The little vent at the base was active again.

Headed out for Grand at mid-day, but first had to wait for the snow to decrease enough to make the walk tolerable. Once again, had to slide past Rift in about one inch of snow that wasn't there earlier. In the steam, heard what I thought it was Turban, but was actually a Grand Boop. This time, the eruption was long enough (almost 11 minutes) that we didn't have any question about a second burst.

In the evening, the sun was out until it was time to head out. But there was no rain, and no snow on the walkways for once. Passing by South Scalloped, it looked like it was maybe a centimeter or two lower than usual, with little runoff. Not sure if it wasn't just imagination.

The Grand eruption started with a nice sized boop, with the slight breeze pushing the steam toward the prediction sign. The first burst ended at just under eight minutes, and the sun came out at the end giving us a nice, wide rainbow. The second burst had one of the taller spikes I've seen, along with a resumption of the rainbow. Disappointed that the whole eruption lasted less than ten minutes.

Afterwards, I noticed that the Spasmodic Group was at its high water level. There were a few bubbles coming up from Oval's far vent, and Penta had water in the bottom vents. South Scalloped seemed back to normal, too.